Other Services

. Project Study
. Consultation
. Project Reports
. Supervision
. Stock Audit
. Inspection
. Project Appraisal
. Energy Audit &
. Valuation of Land & Building also will be undertaken for various Banks through Associate Valuer.

Asset Servicing and Lenders Advisory Services
Management of NPA's has become a "Critical Performance Area" for its far reaching ramifications on the financial performance, capital adequacy and management band-width of banks and financial institutions. Further, the development of secondary market for Non Performing Loans (NPL) in India attracting investments from ARCs, NBFCs, Distressed Asset Funds and other QIBs calls for professional management and servicing of NPL portfolios to ensure optimal returns on investment. TALBOT positions itself as a pioneer in professional management of Distressed Debt Portfolios of Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFCs, ARCs and Distressed Debt Investors. Our team comprises of bankers, lawyers, accountants and managers with vast experience in managing and recovering bad loans of various Banks and Financial Institutions. We distinguish ourselves for our professional approach which includes a multi-pronged strategy comprising of re-structuring, negotiation, legal action and enforcement as alternate and parallel strategies for value maximization and preservation. Our resolution processes boasts the stakeholders confidence for optimal and timely recovery and best possible portfolio management.

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Talbot also advises lenders and distressed debt investors for maximizing recovery and preventing dilution of their claims in complex restructuring and workouts. This enables lenders to take full advantage of the opportunities associated with restructuring of their clients while preserving their rights. The services include:

1. Analysis of business plan including strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.
2. Appraisal of operations, financial and liquidity projections.
3. Performance benchmarking & identification of viability gaps and measures required to bridge the gaps.
4. Identification of non-core assets that may be sold to generate cash.
5. Assessment of restructuring alternatives.
6. Valuation of Businesses, Group of Assets and Stand Alone Assets
7. Setting up Sale Process, Market Making, Data Room Management, and Bid Evaluation
8. Identifying Acquisition Opportunities & Evaluating Value Proposition and Capital Structure for advising on Acquisition Strategy
9. Due Diligence, Negotiation and Transaction Structuring

Financial Restructuring and Turnaround Management Services:
. Development of overall improvement and turnaround strategy and its implementation.
. Analysis and benchmarking of operating efficiencies and advising best practices and avenues for improvement.
. Monitoring and Enhancement of Operational and Financial Performance.
. Preparation of schemes of arrangement, compromise, rehabilitation and revival, incorporating merger, slump sale, de-merger, capital reduction,
debt restructuring, recapitalization etc. for implementation of binding documentation and turnaround strategy with stakeholders.
. Management of Communication with Creditors, Board of Directors, Investors and Statutory Authorities.
. Management of recovery proceedings for debt and statutory dues.
. Assistance in raising new capital and take out finance for implementing the restructuring program through strategic and financial investors.
. Structuring and negotiation of claims of secured and unsecured debt providers and documentation of restructuring arrangements.


Other Services:
We provide the services for warehouse and industrial consultancy in North East India which includes warehouse finalization and industrial consultancy. We serve with registration and certification of industries in various government departments in North East India. We assist to in pollution, taxation, licensing, registration, etc.
Apart from the above we workout for stock audit of tea gardens.

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