Product & Services

. Asset Valuation/Appraisal :
1. One Stop Solution in Valuation of Assets.
2. We assess the fair value of your Assets & Liabilities.
3. We also assess the fair value of your Enterprise.
4. We assess your IPO / FPO / QIP / GDR / ADR pricing.
5. We provide Protection against all Financial Hazards.
6. Our valuation will decide your borrowing capacity.
7. What is your realistic current ROI ???
8. We value your intangibles such as Brand, Goodwill, Trade Mark, Copyright, Patents, and IPR.
9. We also value your Imagination....

. Asset Management :
1. Providing Managers & Supervisors
2. Security Personnel
3. Surveillance Equipment (including Closed Circuit Cameras)
4. Setting up of Computerized Monitoring System, Maintenance and Cleaning (Building, Swimming Pool, Gym, Lift etc.)
5. Maintaining Terrace and Land / Scalped Garden
6. Waste Management
7. Intercom Facility
8. Administrative Jobs (holding AGMs)
9. Facilitating Payment Of Taxes And Compliance With Other Statutory Compulsions resolving Legal Matters through our In-house Legal Division.

. Asset Restructuring :
1. Structural Analysis of Assets down to their Core Components
2. Functional Analysis of Assets down to their Basic Utilities
3. Identification of Factors responsible for decline in Value/Performance
4. Rectification of Inadequacies to enhance Value/Performance
5. Synthesis of Enhanced Components and concepts resulting in restoration of optimum Value/Performance, Conversion of NPA's into PA's 6. Enforcement Agent Under Securitisation Act (Acquisition of Assets, Protection of Assets, Management of Assets, Redeployment of Assets in areas of optimum opportunity)

. Financial Restructuring and Turnaround Management Services :
1. Development of overall improvement and turnaround strategy and its implementation.
2. Analysis and benchmarking of operating efficiencies and advising best practices and avenues for improvement.
3. Monitoring and Enhancement of Operational and Financial Performance.
4. Preparation of schemes of arrangement, compromise, rehabilitation and revival, incorporating merger, de-merger, slump sale, capital reduction, recapitalization, debt restructuring etc. for implementation of turnaround strategy and binding documentation with stakeholders.
5. Management of Communication with Board of Directors, Creditors, Investors and Statutory Authorities.
6. Management of recovery proceedings for debt and statutory dues.
7. Assistance in raising new capital and take out finance for implementing the restructuring program through strategic and financial investors.
8. Structuring and negotiation of claims of secured and unsecured debt providers and documentation of restructuring arrangements.

. Asset Disposal :
1. Disposal of Assets at the highest possible price
2. Settlement of Loans attached to assets
3. Amalgamations
4. Mergers
5. Acquisitions

. Revival Of Sick Companies :
1. Preparation of customized Revival Packages
2. Induction of Promoters' Funding, Induction of Joint Venture Partners
3. Arrangement of working Capital
4. Resolving Legal Issues through Our In-house Legal Division.

. Providing Comprehensive Asset Related Solutions To Corporate Clients Based In India :
1. Facilitating Purchase of Assets Including Assistance In Financing, Registration
2. Tax Issues and all Statutory Compulsions
3. Management of the client's entire Asset Portfolio
4. Restructuring the client's Asset Portfolio to ensure Optimum Net Worth And Performance
5. Facilitating sale of Assets
6. Resolving all Legal Matters through our In-house Legal Division.

. Providing Asset Related Solutions to NRIs :
1. Identification of Assets which suit the Client's Precise Requirements
2. Verification of Title
3. Authenticity and Feasibility in regard to all aspects of the Identified Assets
4. Facilitating Purchase of Assets including assistance in Financing
5. Registration
6. Tax Issues and all Statutory Compulsions
7. Management of the Client's Entire Asset Portfolio In India
8. Restructuring The Client's Asset Portfolio To Ensure Optimum Net Worth And Performance, Facilitating Sale Of Assets
9. Resolving All Legal Matters Through Our Comprehensive Inhouse Legal Division.

. Facilitating The Entry of Foreign Corporate Clients Into The Indian Market:
1. Identifying Areas Of Opportunity
2. Analyzing Market Potential And Developing Marketing Strategy
3. Identification Of Assets Which Suit The Client's Precise Requirements
4. Verification Of Title
5. Authenticity And Feasibility In Regard To All Aspects Of The Identified Assets
6. Facilitating Purchase Of Assets Including Assistance In Financing, Registration
7. Tax Issues And All Statutory Compulsions
8. Management Of The Client's Entire Asset Portfolio In India
9. Restructuring The Client's Asset Portfolio To Ensure Optimum Net Worth And Performance
10. Facilitating Sale Of Assets
11. Appointment Of Credible Strategic Partners, Distributors, Franchisees etc. based on the Client's Requirements
12. Resolving all Legal Matters through our Comprehensive In-house Legal Division.

Types of Valuation services provided :
. Assets for acquisition and disposal
. Financial reporting & public listing
. Corporate restructuring
. Partnership and Joint Venture
. Mortgage & capital raising
. Insurance replacement / reinstatement
. Lease negotiations
. Litigation support

. Business is no longer regional - It is Global.
. We therefore welcome rules / systems / procedures commonly acceptable to the universe.

. This prompted GOI to introduce IFRS w.e.f. 01.04.2011. IFRS will be initially applicable to the following:-
1. Sensex Companies.
2. Nifty Companies.
3. Companies listed abroad.
4. Companies having net worth of 1000 crores and above

. Package for you for implementation of IFRS:-
1. Impact Assessment
2. In - house training programme to disseminate knowledge to the team responsible for implementation of IFRS.
3. Discovery of Fair Value as required under IFRS. which is our Core competence.
4. Hand - holding during the process of implementation till the first IFRS compliant account is published.
5. IFRS Compliant Accounting Mannual.

In the entire process we shall remain with you as an indivisible partner.

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